The Hitch:

Flexjet was challenged with rebadging their entire fleet line and updating the livery on their planes. This new brand ID would need to be translated to the existing photoshoot that had been completed before the final livery designs were approved. Because of the complex nature of a photo-shoot 20,000 feet in the sky, a unified time of day and sense of lighting would need to be established in post. This luxurious time of day styling would need to interact with Geometry Global’s rebranding campaign.

The Solve:

PDI would work from the flat paint templates used to show a basic layout of the rebadging. The planes were scrubbed clean of existing graphics and the new graphics were artistically interpreted from the rough templates to a photo realistic wrapping of the planes. The new paint was then painstakingly lit and shaded to take on the natural attributes of Flexjet’s high-end metallic paint finishes. A stylistic time of day was created to establish a harmony across the entire library.

The creative team at Geometry and the Flexjet were thrilled, the results were stunning.

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Art Director: Jess Andrews

Photography: Paul Bowen Photography Inc
John M. Dibbs The Plane Picture Co

Flexjet, Geometry Global, Retouching