Reebok MMA

The Grind:

When Reebok inked the deal to become the worldwide outfitter for the UFC, it further pushed
it’s apparel status into a championship league all it’s own. How do you convey the synergy of
the Reebok brand and the power of the UFC athletes it supports? The creatives at Venables
Bell & Partners always have the answer. Whether it’s a blast image for Instagram or giving the
audience a portal into the action, their ads always evoke the passion of the athlete.

The Key:

Be More Human is more than just a slogan, it is the story of every athlete. PDI understands
how important every story is and that we only have seconds to communicate their years of
dedication to honor these stories. Venables Bell & Partners have created a series of campaigns
that capture the intensity of these super athletes and PacDigital works tirelessly with VB&P to
invite you into their world.

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Edelman Digital

Design Director: Cris Logan

Art Production Director: Jacqueline Fodor

Art Director: Byron Del Rosario

Photographer: Jake Stangel

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