The Players:

When Venables Bell & Partners won the account for the iconic Reebok brand in 2014, they set out to create stunning advertising that would challenge all standard category conventions. Partnering with several photographers and two local retouching studios in San Francisco, VBP began pushing these creative boundaries to focus their campaigns. As this momentum developed, VBP decided to chose a single retouching studio to help create a more cohesive style, PDI was of course honored to be their choice.

The Plan:

Venables Bell & Partners and Reebok represent exactly the kind of challenges that drive us at
Pacific Digital Image. Helping our clients raise their creative bar is why we get up in the morning.
Sweating all of the details, of sweat and mud, is just the beginning. PDI built a team that under-
stands the brand and the culture of the work to help deliver successful campaigns.

The campaigns have excited and evoked transformation to all aspiring athletes worldwide.

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Edelman Digital

Design Director: Cris Logan

Art Production Director: Jacqueline Fodor

Art Director: Byron Del Rosario

Photographer: Jake Stangel

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