BAMPFA Hippie Modernism

The Dig:

Berkeley is the birthplace of the 1960’s Free Speech Movement and a focal point for the hippie movement. When BAMPFA needed an agency partner for it’s upcoming “Hippie Modernism: The Struggle For Utopia” exhibit, it needed an agency with deep San Francisco roots, Goodby Silverstein and Partners were the perfect choice. The free thinking creative innovators at Goodby Silverstein and Partners wanted to celebrate the anniversary of the psychedelic renaissance by blending modern technology and traditional art.

The Fix:

Goodby Silverstein were looking to pay homage to the old 1960’s poster art while integrating a modern twist. So, our studio started from classic San Francisco back plates and developed color palettes to inspire the imagination. To further our inspiration, we cranked Jimi, Janis and the Stones non-stop to fully immerse ourselves in to the proper headspace. Next we got busy developing the oil/Tie-dye finish for the balloons and then finally created the final faceted hearts to bring it all together.

The stunning results have been spotted all over the bay area and the web.

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Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Art Director: Angie Elko

Senior Producer: Joni Wittrup

Account Manager: Ariel Berk

Goodby Silverstein & Partners, BAMPFA, Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia, Retouching, CGI