Bare Escentuals Global

The Rub:

Bare Escentuals isn’t your run of the mill cosmetics company. Instead, it is a company that
is always on the cusp of innovation by staying on top of advertising trends and creating the
most stunning visuals out there. However, in the age of digital media, how does a brand
continue to evolve?

The Fix:

Bare Escentuals was ready to embrace CGI for some of their hottest products on the market.
The CGI needed to look photo-real and focus on their key product attributes.Through means
of CGI and Retouching, PDI created products for their advertising collateral including print,
broadcast, web and in-store digital signage. The stunning imagery has reached their audience
quickly and the approach has worked to aid in product adoption and sales.

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Edelman Digital

VP Global Creative Development Kristi Murray

Sr. Director: Michelle Boudreaux

Senior Manager: Katrina Firenze

Creative Director: Michele Jonsson

Photo & Video Production: Amber Dobson, Alex Tamura

Global Creative: Angela Kongelbak, Meghan Phillips,
Jackie Cotto, Kevin Wu

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