Barefoot Wine Stop Motion

The Situation:

Barefoot Wine & Bubbly has a variation for every occasion. As a result, they frequently need
to let their dedicated online fan base know about a new product or a special holiday release.
Our friends at BBDO rely on us to fully realize their creative concepts and bring their vision
for this fun and playful brand to life.

The Solution:

Collaboration is key when capturing a brand’s heart and soul. By working closely with the
creatives at BBDO, we meticulously style and stage each scene to create the unique feel that
Barefoot Wine is known for. Combining techniques from motion animation, digital motion
graphics and traditional video production, we make sure that the story of each piece takes
center stage. The results are stand out pieces that seamlessly match the flavor to the holiday
being celebrated.

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Art Directors: George Thorman, Kyle Watson

Integrated Producer: Dominique Farrell

Designer: Nina Golik

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