Beats Direct

The Jam:

Beats is a luxury audio brand that has taken premium audio to a cultural level. While releasing
their next generation premium consumer headphones, earphones and speakers, they would
need to rebuild their online store to update the brand. The images would need to highlight the
expert manufacturing, the high attention to detail, and the value of the brand. Agency partner
R/GA referred them to PacDigital as a partner who could handle the volume and provide the
approach and quality needed. Naturally, PDI was up for the task.

The Plan:

PDI brought samples inhouse for every model to understand the tactile feel as well as the visual
impact of holding and owning one of these iconic products. Our retouching department then got
busy developing lighting and shadow styles, color correction and adding photorealistic badging
that did not exist in photography to align with Beats’ vision. Taking this approach, PDI created
imagery that would allow the web consumer to experience the product as if they were holding
it right in their hands.

At relaunch, 840 pristine and newly branded images helped bring the energy, emotion and
excitement of the Beats brand to customers worldwide.

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Edelman Digital

Photography Producer: Haigo Manukian

Assoc. Digital Producer: Ana Julfayan

Photographer: Joseph Shin

Beats By Dre, Retouching, Advertising