Delo Mascot

The Situation:

In the midwest, Delo motor oil competes with many other brands for audience share in the
trucking, farming and fleet vehicle market. Delo’s previous brand mascot, a robot made from
engine parts, only existed as a flat image. To add interest and visual appeal, PacDigital worked
with Y&R:California to update the brand asset.

The Solution:

We developed an approach that focused on the character attributes of the mascot, and then
developed movements, gestures, and responses based on those attributes. Our early involve-
ment in the organization of the campaign allowed for full development of the CG asset in all
media. We animated the mascot through an integrated campaign of video, print, out of home,
and web.- helping the little dude Go Further. The creative can be seen on broadcast television and HTML web banner ads.

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Edelman Digital

Group Creative Director: Charlie McQuikin

Print Production Mgr: Miriam Lee

Photographer: Dwight Eschliman Photography

Young & Rubicam, Chevron Delo, CGI, Retouching, Interactive, 3D Interactive, Web Banners, HTML5, Motion Graphics