Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

The Dilemma:

When Mekanism needed to create a print campaign to ride shotgun alongside Jim Beam’s
Devils Cut TV spot, they reached out to the creative studio at Pacific Digital Image with a
sketch and an idea. They wanted to show the oak barrel staves twisting, extracting a
single drop of bourbon unleashing a lifestyle adventure.

The Solve:

We utilized the entire arsenal of our creative studio. Luckily for us our photographer
has plenty of oak staves lying around at his home in Napa. We photographed the staves in
several scenes capturing interesting grain and cracks. Our CG studio created several drop
explorations for shape, shine and color. Finally our retouching studio brought the vision to
life using all of the collaborated efforts and the expert direction of the agency to create a
series of mouth watering ads.

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Edelman Digital

Senior Broadcast Producer: Danielle Soper

Art Director: Jessica Wyatt

Mekanism, Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, Retouching