KEEN Connect

The Predicament:

KEEN makes footwear that takes you anywhere, for any activity, from your doorstep to the
great outdoors. North, our agency partner, asked us to create an environment that promoted
this idea – seen as a connection between urban reality and outdoor fantasy. How to create a
connection between these two worlds, while allowing the shoes to remain the focus? The
KEEN shoes needed to appear realistic in scale and remain the focal point while integrated in
the fantasy world.

The Plan:

PDI created a full page European trade ad from a sketch that placed the real shoes in an
urban setting, surrounded by fantasy elements in a natural perspective. We scouted and
photographed various locations around San Francisco that became the backdrop for the ad.
Through CGI and retouching, we created an entire outdoor adventure world nestled into
everyday life.

The ad successfully evoked a sense of playfulness around a great shoe. PacDigital was able to
transform a simple idea into a finished product, rendered for uses across all print media.

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Edelman Digital

Art Director: Thomas Morris

Senior Brand Manage: Katie Hilgemann

Producer: Peter Calandra

North, Keen, Photography, Retouching, CGI