New Amsterdam Vodka

The Stew:

In this day and age social media and marketing play such a large role in shaping the advertising we see around us. When MuhTayZik Hoffer created the New Amsterdam Vodka “It’s Your Town” campaign, they sought to merge old school techniques with new design ideas, to marry social media and marketing into a campaign that combined classic filters with imagery of today’s modern adults.

The Fix:

This is where PDI came in. Tasked with transforming snapshots of a classic get together into Instagram style, iconic high-end imagery, PacDigital set to work infusing these images with a modern filter-like feel. This effect was compelling for audiences consisting of older generations as well as new millennials. Because the effect is so versatile, it can also be used in many different styles and settings.

New Amsterdam Vodka successfully reached its intended target demographic and gained brand awareness while revamping old school style.

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Edelman Digital

Executive Creative Director: John Matejczyk

Creative Director: Diko Daghlian

Producer: Katy Aquino

MuhTayZik Hoffer, New Amsterdam, Retouching