Sephora In-Store

The Puzzle:

Sephora needed in-store displays that were both attention-grabbing and visually beautiful. Seasonal and product-centric screens had to look distinct but still feel like part of the same family, with just enough motion to catch visitors’ eyes but not enough to be distracting or feel like in-your-face advertising.

The Plan:

Sephora provided us with beautiful designs that we then brought into After Effects and animated with their characteristically smooth, ethereal style. Occasional glimmers of light across text draw visitors’ eyes and hint that the screen can be interacted with, and fading to white between each section ties everything together with an almost dreamlike feel.

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Edelman Digital

Sr Program Manager, Marketing/Creative: Jason McGuire

Associate Product Manager: Jennifer Lu Wong

Senior Designer: Chrissy Caskey

Sephora, Animation, Compositing