Skyy Vodka Let’s Holidayy

The Situation:

Our friends at Venables Bell & Partners were at it again, this time to kick off the holiday season Skyy Vodka style. Keeping with the modern brand identity of Skyy and tapping the classic feel of the holidays would mean creating a harmonious blend that would leave you wishing the holidays would never end.

The Solution:

PDI would work closely with the creatives at Venables to begin explorations in light and color. The idea was to develop a lighting depth and holiday shimmer that would immerse the brand so deeply into the holidays, you would wonder how one could ever live without the other.

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Edelman Digital

Art Director: Byron Del Rosario

Creative Dir: Alex Rice

Print Producer: Renee Hodges

Venables Bell & Partners, Skyy Vodka, Retouching, Advertising Creative Retouching