Wraith World

The Pickle:

Edelman Digital was preparing the launch of the open world action-adventure video game
Shadow of Mordor. Within this open world live characters that possess wraith skills and
abilities that when in use, visually transform the look of the game into a wraith world
environment. A series of action screen grabs from the game would need a wraith world
treatment that was not captured for the desired scenes. Edelman contacted the studio at
Pacific Digital Image to create the desired effect.

The Plan:

PDI would need to develop a wraith world ambience to create a cohesive finish across the
image library for the campaign launch. In order to develop a true and accurate treatment for
the hero scenes, we studied theatrical footage and re-created the look and feel for the hero
shots. The results were a brilliant portrayal of the Wraith World, consistent with the vision of
the creatives.

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Edelman Digital

Creative Director: Robert Sinclair

Senior Digital Producer: Doug Beck

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