Asana “Rocket” and “Bike”

The Hitch:

Asana has a distinctively smooth, expressive animation style in their marketing materials that had to be matched and expanded upon within two ads that had to look and feel similar stylistically, while being built on two different platforms: An HTML5-based “Rocket” banner ad and an After Effects-based “Bike” banner ad.

The Solve:

Our animators pushed Adobe Edge to its limits and used a mix of Odysseus Arms’ Adobe Illustrator-generated imagery and vector objects made in Edge to create a smooth and expressive animation for “Rocket” that’s attention grabbing and fun to watch, but that would load quickly and run at the top of a webpage. On the other hand, we were able to use After Effects’ more robust animation tools to create a more complex animation for “Bike” that still matched the animation style of its HTML5 counterpart, and that visually popped thanks to Odysseus Arms’ colorful illustrations.

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Odysseus Arms

Art Director: Libby Brockhoff

Producer: Madeline Lambie

Odyseus Arms, Asana, Motion Graphics, Web/Interactive, HTML5, Web Banners